Basic guidelines for font licensing

When you purchase fonts -just like any other software- you purchase a license to use the fonts on various forms of digital equipment. The following covers our basic guidelines for font licensing.


Standard License
All Parachute fonts are licensed to use on up to five (5) workstations at a single location. Read the Standard EULA for terms and conditions. If you wish to use the fonts at more than one location or with more than five workstations, you must acquire additional licensing.


Multi-User License
If you need to use the fonts on more than five workstations you must purchase additional licensing. The cost is based on the number of users. When you proceed to the ordering page you will be asked to indicate the number of users and the program will calculate the cost for you. Find out just how affordable it is to stay legal with your font software.  Basically, multi-user licensing is governed by the following formulas:
1 - 5 users:(standard license) 
6 -10 users: add 50 percent 
11-50 users: add 25% for each 5 users 
51-100 users: add 15% for each 5 users 
over 100 users: contact our sales department 


Web License
Web fonts are used for styling HTML web pages and specifically for the viewing of text on a website using the @font-face declaration. Parachute fonts are offered in three major formats i.e. woff, eot and svg, which are compatible with all current browsers. We offer two hosting options: Self-hosting and Typekit-hosting. The basic webfont license covers a monthly maximum of 500,000 pageviews. At checkout you will be asked to indicate the number of pageviews/month and the program will calculate the additional cost for you. Read the Standard Web EULA for terms and conditions.


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