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Issue 18 - Bague Slab Pro

Bague Slab Pro draws its inspiration from early 20th century slabs and was designed as a companion to Bague Sans, a versatile monoline typeface with a distinct and eye-catching personality. Following its predecessor’s design guidelines, it overcomes the monotonous and mechanical rigidity of early geometrics by introducing subtle variations in stroke width and semi-wedge serifs rather than square ...more


Benchmark Pro is a carefully structured geometric typeface which works amazingly well in body text due to its simplistic nature and large x-height. The design of Benchmark Pro started out as an attempt to convert the minimalistic structure of a technical and purely geometric design into a readable modern and friendly sans serif. This was achieved by selectively changing and turning the straight ...more


This is a versatile monoline typeface with a distinct and eye-catching personality. Despite its inspiration from early 20th century geometrics, it diverts from the mechanical rigidity of those typefaces by incorporating humanist characteristics, such as subtle variations in stroke width and open counter shapes with vertical endings. This is a very clean and legible typeface with a warm and ...more



Square Sans Condensed Pro comes to complement one of Parachute’s most popular typefaces; Square Sans Pro. This is a square-shouldered, modern and self-assured text typeface which lends style to a variety of projects. With its generous x-height, full-bodied counters and uniform stroke weight, it provides high legibility and uniform typographic color at all sizes. This is an exceptionally...more


The first solo show by designer and typographer Craig Ward, organized by Type Directors Club, verified the fact that we may never know what to expect from this talented designer: A visual tension; a conversation between the typography and the surface, with each jostling for visual dominance. Going from digital ...more

Based in Manchester, Lost Heritage created a set of woodblocks based on Anthony Burrill's design. This is quite possibly the Largest Woodblock Poster In History. Each letter is 26 inches high made from solid wood and it has been produced to be part of the Print & Paste series as a piece of public art in town and a unique piece in general. It was ...more



First International Type Conference

in Italy...

What if letters

could move?

A functional type system for Helsinki Design Museum...


Magazines are still alive and kicking. At the first editorial design conference in Munich, designers, journalists and publishers will talk about their latest work, successful and failed projects and show examples of stories that inspire them. They will define highlights leading the way for groundbreaking projects in story telling via concepts, design ...more